TUFCAT – The UWC Feral Cat Project

TUFCAT is an animal welfare charity that feeds, traps and cares for feral cats living on the University of the Western Cape campus. We also find homes for unwanted stray cats and dogs, and educate students, as well as offering advice to the general public about feral cats and animals in general.

Our mission is to help animals and to continue caring for and maintaining the feral cat colonies that live on the UWC campus.

How to Help TUFCAT

Should you wish to help TUFCAT through a monetary contribution, fundraising, volunteering or donating items on our wish list…

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Sponsor a Feral Cat

Every feral cat on campus deserves a sponsor. If you wish to sponsor a specific cat, simply tell us who when you send your donation.

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Background History

A TNR and feeding programme was intiated in 1996, on the UWC campus, which has improved the tolerance of the cats on campus.

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