Project Aims and Objectives

The overall aim and objective of the project is to change commonly held, negative perceptions about cats through education and research. Our immediate goal though, is to continue controlling population numbers and provide care for resident feral cats.

The UWC Feral Cat project thus aims to accomplish the following:

  • Our immediate goal is to control population numbers (by sterilisation) and to provide food and veterinary care for the resident feral cat colonies at UWC. We aim for zero population growth within colonies.
  • Educate UWC students, staff and the public about the important and often supportive roles played by cats in human societies throughout history.
  • Counter misinformation about cats in general and feral cats in particular.
  • Demonstrate the efficiency of feral cats as rodent catchers.
  • Develop resource materials so that this information can be shared and made available to the public.
  • To instill respect and compassion for animals, nature and the environment and cultivate a ‘culture of caring’ on our campus.
  • Fundraise in order to sustain the project.
  • Enhance the ethical status of animals through academic research, teaching and publication. To this end we endeavor to cover the costs of training UWC students to conduct research that enhances the welfare of animals.
  • Establish a fund to assist needy and animal-loving UWC students to complete their degrees by providing food, bursaries and/or employing them to help the project.
  • Actively fundraise and generate income by selling of second hand books and magazines, thereby helping to instill a “culture of reading” on campus.
  • Further enhance the profile of UWC, as a model for humane cat control and to demonstrate the compatibility between human and animal welfare issues.
  • Offer advice where possible and draw on campus based expertise to conduct research and develop resource materials, so that this information can be shared and made available to the broader community.