Sponsor a Cat

Your support saves the lives of feral cats. With your help, we will make sure that the animals in these photos are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and get the food, shelter and medical care they need to live full and happy outdoor lives.

If you wish to sponsor a specific cat, simply tell us who when you send your donation.

Thank you for making difference in their lives today!

Sponsors – Wanted

Miss Muffy

This tame Siamese cross was dumped outside social science in December 2010 and has lived there ever since. She is much loved by the staff at the nearby tuckshop and eagerly awaits the arrival during the week. They give her titbits and she has her own shelter outside the kitchen. However, during university holidays she is very lonely and we have to make a special effort with her.


Pietie is a beautiful, pale ginger cat, about 5 years old, neutered, and semi-tame. Although he recently lost his feline companion, Kitty, Pietie still lives the life at UWC where he has even managed to find his own two cat lovers, in the form of Kenny and Esme.

Having made his home at the Technical Services department on campus a few years back, this lucky feral cat is loved and indulged by all the staff there, and can often be found taking a nap or lounging around on the desks inside.

Sponsors – Found

Twisted Sisters

These two black and tortie sisters live at Dos Santos Residence where they can be found lounging outside in the gardens or in the foyer during bad weather conditions.

They are mother and daughter and are about 7 and 8 years old respectively. They are both very friendly and have been sponsored by Jeanne Louw since 2010.


This beautiful Siamese cross is pale ginger with blue eyes. He is the oldest cat on campus – about 16 years old. Until fairly recently he lived alone at Liberty Residence, but has since been joined by Tolstoy, a beautiful tabby and white male (also neutered). Leo needs good quality dry food to keep him strong and healthy and he absolutely loves tinned meat. Tricia Davis has sponsored Leo for many years now and it is thanks to her that this old boy is still going strong.

Tigger (aka Scoobi-Doo)

Tigger is a stunningly good looking neutered pale ginger male around 6 years old, who lives near the new Life Sciences building.

He (and his three colony mates) are kindly sponsored by Dr Santi Meinjes who has been a generous supporter for some time.