The TUFCAT Home for Life Sanctuary

The TUFCAT Home for Life Sanctuary has been caring for abandoned and abused, old and unwanted cats and dogs since 1997. We moved to our current location on a farm in the Overberg, between Villiersdorp and Worcester, in June 2014. This move was extremely traumatic and we really struggled to find a suitable place for the animals in our care. Thanks to the kindness of a young farmer with a genuine love for animals, we found a wonderful space for our home-sanctuary. But, it is not forever, and we just cannot go through such a stressful time again. It is thus our long-term goal to be able to eventually purchase land for the animals to secure the future of the Sanctuary.

We do not turn cats and dogs away due to age, medical need, or “lack of adoptability”.  Our Sanctuary is a safe haven for several older and handicapped animals. At our sanctuary these animals are able to live full and happy lives.

Our sanctuary acts as a final destination and we aim to provide them with the kind of forever loving homes that all animals deserve!

In a nutshell, we are a retirement ‘forever’ home for pets. The animals who are admitted to the sanctuary are not offered for adoption. Once an animal comes to us, it truly has a home for life. However, we try, whenever possible, to find new and loving homes for tame animals who we have in foster care. We are very passionate about what we do and how we do it. We think caring for an animal is one of the most rewarding things you can do and we offer help and support to both people and their pets

We have a non-destruct policy at the sanctuary and we try to make the lives of all our animal residents as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. All our cats and dogs are free range and live in a real home environment where they have companionship with both people and other animals. The dogs are walked in the orchards daily and the cats can enjoy the freedom of farm life. All the animals are well cared for and are given a nice, comfortable bed with plenty of top quality food, veterinary care and most importantly, lots of love and attention.

We are small and have a 50 animal limit. We currently offer refuge to 45 animals – 15 dogs, 1 pig and 29 cats, two of which are completely blind. Many of the cats are feral and semi-feral, and are thus not suitable for adoption. Most of the dogs that live with us have been abused and have some sort of health and/or behavioural problem, making them unsuitable for adoption. The vast majority of the animals in our care were dumped at UWC.

To meet some of our resident animals, click here.